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About Semper-Fortis

Why do we have a student blog?  The vision of Fortis academy is to develop Christian thinkers and communicators.  It takes a lot of courage for young people to share their beliefs and values publicly.  Writing for a blog is also a great way to develop confidence and fortitude of character, traits that prepare them for life as a Fortis graduate.

We are a multi-denominational school that emphasizes developing thinkers.  We do not indoctrinate, but expect our students to be able to eloquently, logically and persuasively express their own beliefs.  We do have a core doctrinal statement that defines our community, but most beliefs are unique to each individual, their families and their church.  People need to develop and own their own faith and values and hopefully become more like Christ in the process.  We encourage students to express what they believe because it opens up dialogue that creates understanding and compassion as well as sharpens our beliefs as others interact and bring up points that we may not have seen.

Ultimately, our prayer is that our students would learn the art of civil dialogue as well as be trained in the use of rhetoric to impart the dream of the Kingdom of God and the gospel of Jesus Christ in their generation.

Semper Fortis!

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