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Whenever people say that humans are the virus of the earth, I can’t help but laugh at that statement, because this couldn’t be further from the truth. We are called to bring order, truth, and love into this world, right? To create rather than to destroy, to live a fruitful life, to have orderly and loving families. “Well, why don’t we have this in America?” you might be asking. The answer is simple, yet many people have yet to see the truth about what is happening in our country and know how to rectify it. People in America are not basing their lives, education, and work on the foundation of God’s law. In fact, millions of people in America, ignore or deny God’s truth and way of life, resulting in a wicked nation indulging in sin, lawlessness, and suffering. And through that disobedience to God’s law comes the corrupting of on-going generations of our youth, who are being born and brought up in falsehood and lies.  What we need is to have the venerable structure of God’s law and truth in education systems, families, and everyday work, so we can rise from living in false beliefs of who we are, and to acquire that true happiness that God intended for us to have.

Many people might ask “, Well, how do we even reach that ‘perfect’ life?” or “How can there even be a good life when the world is in ruin?” There is only one way this can be achieved, through the way, the truth, and the light; Through the One who designed everyone and everything; Through the One who saved every single person from their sin, Jesus Christ. God is the only answer to change our lives and this fallen world so that we might live in true love, purpose, and righteousness. We, as a nation, are failing to do that because we are failing to base our education, work, and life with the true and original good law and true faith in God. The youth need to learn who they are and to know what our soul, body, and spirit are so they can pursue a better life.

Now I believe that Psychology from a Christian perspective is the first step of creating a great and righteous generation. Nowadays, schools put secular psychology into the minds of the youth. They are taught that the idea of a personal God is a myth, and that we are purely physical beings, highly evolved animals produced by millions of years of naturalistic causes and processes. These ideas rob the truth from people and keep them from a good and fruitful life. By saying there is no personal God, you take away the possibility of having virtue, love, the discernment of right from wrong, purpose in life, a loving family, and having a good life. As sane and knowledgeable people, we know that reality really does contain good and evil, virtues, love, and a purpose because God designed these things into reality and we can witness it through His creation. The education of secular psychology that is being taught to our youth today justifies murdering our unborn babies by abortion; that pedophilia is acceptable; that people can change their gender, that husbands can cheat on their wives while indoctrinating the youth to lust, hate, commit violence, and to commit suicide.

Where is the virtue being taught in schools? When are Christians going to be bold and rebuke these teachings that are bringing hell on earth? Christians need to wake up and stop allowing our loved ones, friends, and brothers and sisters in Christ fall into sin and darkness.  There are a plethora of people who are asleep and unaware of these things, and that is the exact reason why these beliefs even came to dominate society! The church and the followers of Jesus Christ were complacent and weren’t courageous enough to promote the true laws and commands God has set out for us. We need to be bold and start asking God what we need to do to bring heaven on earth. We need to see that we are in a spiritual battle, and that people’s lives are in stake. We need to be an example of what it means to be true followers of God, to have a fire for the Lord and for His truth that is life bringing. Our future generations depend on it!

O Lord my God, let our generation be a start of your kingdom coming to Earth. Let those who are in darkness be witnesses of your flaming light. God, give us the power to convert the minds of the fallen to be revived by your revelation of your Word. To see the truth of their wicked ways and beliefs. God, please use me as your tool to encourage my fellow brothers and sisters to be courageous and devoted to bring your law and your way to this nation. Lord, provide me the words to speak to those who are lost; keep my eyes on you whenever I am faced with struggles and tribulations. Let a fire continue to increase in my heart for the coming of your kingdom.

Javen Suarez – 10th Grade

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