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When we look at America we see a land of opportunity, peace, and Godly worship. But when you search deeper you will find that America is slowly being fed poison and being stripped of its Godliness. We see the influences of the LGBTQ+, Marxism, and power hungry and greedy politicians. They are quickly chipping away at the Christian foundation of America. They secretly and slowly undermine and infiltrate our schools and teach these things to the young children, who are easily swayed and fall into their web of beliefs. They breach our government with their lies, false promises, and sly talking. Meanwhile the church of God sleeps soundly, not taking seriously the huge threat they pose. Christians wave it off and say, “This is ridiculous. No one is going to fall for that.” But they do, and they start within the schools of innocent minds.

When you look at the schools today they are teaching that you can be whoever you want to be. A boy can be a girl. A girl can be a boy. Or you could be neither. You can love whoever you want whether they are a boy, girl, transgender, or other. Schools have lost the word of God. They do not teach the Bible anymore. They do not teach that you are who you are made to be; they teach that you can break God’s design and go against the rules. To them your body is an object to be changed and you can decide on who you want to be. The LGBTQ+ are infecting the children with lies and falsehood. No one else can tell you who you are; you decide. They are turning more and more children into sinners and leading them down a highly destructive path of pain, which they probably will never come out of unless they are shown the love of God. We need more Christian schools and teachers so kids are taught correctly and not led down a path of pain. We need the church to be brave and stand up, because the longer we wait, the more corrupt and the more poison will be fed to the future generations. The longer we wait the harder it will be to turn America around.

They are also being fed the lies of Marxism. Marxism is a highly subtle and sneaky worldview that mainly infects schools and other educational institutions. They teach that everything should be equally distributed and everyone should be under complete control of the government. They dehumanize us and make it seem as though our lives are useless, and therefore we are nothing but animals. Now this may seem like it’s ridiculous, but they hide and sugar coat everything terrible and make it seem good, like it will make the country a better place. Marxists have been incredibly persuasive, and now they have all of China and North Korea under the control of Marxist leaders. If you take a look at either of those two countries you will see billions of people suffering and dying under their reign. Slowly but surely the Marxism is coming for America, and the church is not catching it and puling it up from the roots.

If you look at the American government you will see corruption. Government corruption is a powerful poison that not only affects the politicians but those under them. Politicians are greedy, power-hungry liars and cheaters and are shamelessly falling away from the Godly base of the American nation. They take bribes to let bad things happen to the U.S. They allow for the laws protecting drugs, abortion, LGBTQ+ to have room to spread. They allow BLM to constantly riot and tear down businesses. They do nothing to help the homeless and when they do, they do a terrible job of doing so. They are mainly focused on gaining popularity and money. They have no intentions of going back to the Godly base our American forefathers put in place. Instead they fall farther and farther, dragging thousands with them. Our leaders who are meant to set an example are doing the very thing that God doesn’t want them to do. There are few Christian leaders in our government today. The Church of America needs to raise up Godly leaders, send them out into the country, and get them into the government.

While all this happens, the Church sits idly by. They have not been keeping the false teachers out themselves. They slowly succumb to the world and its sin. Strong Christians need to push the church to rise and make a stand for our country before it’s too late and we are all corrupted. The Church is failing to produce a vaccine to stop this vile poison that is seeping into America. It is also starting to poison the Church as well. America wants the Church of God to either join them or fall, and they are slowly accomplishing their goal. While you’re sitting and reading this article, thinking this is all just babble, look around! They aren’t hard to miss, and people are very easily fooled without a shepherd to guide them. You could have some of this poison inside you yourself. The sons of the devil are craftier that the sons of God. They will find a way, and if we’re not careful we will join them.

Luke Gonzalez – 10th Grade

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