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The struggle against time, against the fear you won’t be able to do all you were destined to do, the struggle to find meaning and value in our lives is a struggle that many young people face. Without a Christian understanding of the soul, of your relationship with God, people will not truly be able to find themselves. We as Christians need to push ourselves to forgo the terror of speaking out, the world needs to think about God again. The world needs to be shown His love again on a global scale, and the education of the morals needs to be spread once again to the world of declining decency.

I feel that the people of today will believe and align themselves with something before they do research to find out what the promises and sayings of whatever they are agreeing to really means. Like with the Marxists, they say they want to unite all people, yet they strip people of all that makes them individual. What they really mean is that they want a combined labor force to push the agenda of the most powerful man. It is especially important in today’s world, where information is so easily accessible, to do research on any questions or concerns we have. Uninformed allegiance to ideas and movements is unreasonable and irresponsible. This ignorance has caused many people to be committed to ideas that are destructive.

Christians and the Christian Bible, on the other hand, have clear rules and regulations set out that humanity can follow. The Christian view of society and the individual is very different from other religions, in a good way. Christianity realizes that society functions best when organized around the family and the institutions naturally flowing from it. To have a stable upbringing most children need a mother and father figure. In contrast, secularists and left-leaning people have disrupted this natural bond of father and mother with relationships of the same sex, or even relationships where multiple partners are consenting to a relationship. This breaking of the natural balance often leads to drug abuse and an array of other harmful acts.

With the secularist and postmodernist view of “do what makes you happy” and “truth is relative to you and your situation”, there are many grey areas that those people can fall into and are often ignorant of. We need to patiently explain to them the flaws in their logic. If all truth is relative to me, (as their belief says), then I can kill someone who wronged me. I can do that because my truth says that this is true and right.

This is the flawed logic they are supporting. It’s a result of wanting to be tolerant of everyone, never wanting to start any fights, never wanting to engage in a discussion, just wanting to continue on with their own little world they created to comfort themselves. Many of these ideals are good, and I sometimes find myself wishing we can all just exist together peacefully, but that cannot happen till the world knows about God and holds Jesus in their hearts.

That is the reason it is so important to share God’s word with anyone we meet, each life is so important. Without Christians being willing to step forward and forego the terror of being hated, a feeling pressed onto Christians by society today, without Christians willing to do this, the world will fall ever farther away from God and His values that bring life to people.

I believe that society is not lost yet. I have seen this generation of Christians, and I believe we can hold out against the waves propaganda society sends at us. It needs to be remembered that we are not fighting this alone, we have God on our side. We recognize that we live the best when our lives are focused on God, now we just need to be bold and share God’s truth with society so that people can experience the good life God has for them.

Rylan McKethan – 10th Grade

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